We carefully select our ingredients to ensure they are always the freshest. It is our intention to retain and utilise the natural flavours in food to make products that are tantalizing for the taste buds but light on our digestion.

All our legumes and beans are properly ACTIVATED , or soaked overnight so that the digestive system can absorbs the nutrients without feeling bloated.

Most of our products are hand made from scratch whenever it is possible (yes including our Peanut Satay Sauce). More importantly, because we enjoy so much in making them, all our products contain an extra ingredient FUN 🙂

Vegan Friendly Pies
Pies are our original signature product. Because they taste so good, we started to call ourselves Pielicious. Over times, we have mastered and expanded the range of ingredients we used to create unique flavours rather than your “usual Aussie pies”.

The pastry is soft and crisp, filled to the brim with fillings, bursting with South East Asian flavours. Customers love our use of a wide arrays of herbs and spices.

Currently, our 4 winning flavours are 1) Classic Aussie, 2) Mushroom Varieties, 3) Green Curry and 4) Peanut Satay.

Vegan Roti Taco – Mexican + Asian Twist

Borrowing the Mexican food serving concept (Taco), we filled our Roti with Thai style soy nuggets Panang curry or Chickpeas curry, home made sauerkraut, coriander, Thai mint leaves with a hint of our secret chilli recipe… we promised you will be back for more.

Customers from in-store and Marrickville Organic Market keep coming back with their friends for more.

We have also created a sweet version as an option. Sliced banana, and cacao based sauce served on hot roti – VOILA!

Vegan Cacao Caramel Slices
Taste divine!!! Eating is believing!

You need to try our Caramel Slice and you will love it 🙂 Customers keep coming back for more. The texture is amazingly smooth even though we do not use any dairy.

We use healthy ingredients to make this an “almost” guilt free dessert treat, and it is cane sugar free! We also use LSA (Lindseed, Sunflower, Almond) as the base crumb which is high in fibre and omega 3!

We have a whole range of vegan / vegetarian products available in-store, which is impossible to list all of them down. You can download our menu or come into our store to have a look!!!